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  • The concept of Digital Marketing is a diverse set of disciplines that require both technical and practical experience. For healthy digital marketing , data obtained from previous measurements, target audience, target region, target product analysis, advertisement designs that can reach these targets precisely and social media planning that will progress in parallel are required.


  • As Social Professionals, we carry out all these processes meticulously and manage a successful digital marketing process for your brand. So what does all this mean?

We Design Every Step for Digital Marketing

To put it briefly, we plan your road to success and determine each step on the way in cooperation with you, with our technical competence and experience in digital media. This work results in you having a strategy with the highest possible probability of success.

Thus, you turn every penny you spend on digital marketing into profit with the best possible return.


If We Examine the Digital Marketing Service More Closely

Digital marketing today is much more than just advertising your service or product.

Digital marketing, which is divided into two main areas being “search engine” and “social media””, is much more than just advertising your product or service.


SEM – Search Engine Marketing – Google, Yandex

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is considered to be the load-bearing column of digital marketing. This type of marketing, which allows you to pinpoint and reach your customers who are looking for you, requires the use of programs that allow you to advertise on search engines.

Today, Google AdWords has changed its name to Google Ads. This system is the most important of these programs.

A good SEM (Search Engine Marketing) requires rigorous technical adjustments on Google Ads and analysis in the light of data recorded from previous searches.

Use the Digital World

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Social Media Marketing

The second most important column of the Digital Marketing service is indisputably social media. When we take a closer look at this area, we see that digital marketing strategies defined by the codename give2get begin with identifying your target audience.
The subjects that the identified target audience will like, share, benefit from and appreciate are determined. This step usually takes place by fictionalizing different characters in the target audience.
After the target audience is identified, visual, written and video content is prepared that will hit the bull’s eye, so to speak, and never let go of this audience. Thus, the audiences that will bring direct sales will be influenced through a pinpoint operation.