Call Centre Service

Being accessible to your customers in the digital world is extremely important.

Although digital communication is important, sometimes it cannot replace direct communication. This puts the marketing of the more traditional Call Centre Service in an important position.

Call Centre Service & Social Professionals

In order for the Call Centre operations to progress in a healthy way, various special software is required. Whether it is an inbound service where customers call you or an outbound service where you call customers, answering calls, recording calls, integration with complaint and order registration systems, telemarketing (sales over the phone) and similar issues are extremely important.
If you do not have a well-operating Call Centre system, you may soon face a decline in digital channels and then complaints and loss of prestige in your sales.
As Social Professionals, we combine our years of experience with Call Centre software products that have proven their technical superiority. Thus, you have a Call Centre system that functions flawlessly by itself, can intervene when necessary and fully meet your requests.

Call Centre Service

Our call centre services offer solutions such as Inbound (Incoming Call), that is, receiving calls from your customers, Order, Appointment, Complaint Records, and technical support. Our outbound (Outgoing Call) services, on the other hand, aim to alleviate the workload of your company through many flexible solutions such as outbound calls, telesales, market research & surveys, customer satisfaction calls, etc.

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